Kubrick et le web

Clinton Durham CRM-114, Dr. Strangelove


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While watching Dr. Strangelove, I greatly enjoyed the very dark, satirical comedy that the movie is famous for. To me, it perfectly satirized the concept of mutually assured destruction. Instead of despairing in the face of such a concept, Kubrick showed the world just how ridiculous it really is.

For this piece, I was inspired by Russian constructivism, the atompunk design language and American fallout shelter signs. I used these Cold War tropes to strongly remind the viewer of the time the movie takes place in. Rather than using imagery from the movie, I decided to create a piece that was inspired by the tone and feel of the movie. Specifically, I wanted to replicate the darkly humorous and apocalyptic tone. With that in mind, I used wordplay to create an image based on the title of the movie. Despite the lack of overt references to the movie, there is, however, one reference that those familiar with the movie will surely get.