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Tony Mines One: A Space Oddysey


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The film was commissioned as part of a Kubrick themed evening of films, back in the year 2001, but has for it's creators Spite Your Face Productions lived far beyond that, leading to a creative relationship with The Lego Group and a series of further films which have in turn inspired an entire movement in Lego film making. The film aspires to compress the seminal space-opera into a single minute while still hitting all the essential narrative and conceptual beats, the intention being to address the films length and scale for its detractors, while replaying select minutiae for it's fans. On the use of Lego, co-director Tony Mines says "That arose from what we see as a natural aesthetic connection between that toy and the production design of 2001, both being born out of Modernism and a golden age for plastics - and with the colour scheme of Lego in that period mirroring Kubrick's use of red against stark whites."