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I made this poster when I was studying graphic design at PHL Belgium. We got an assignment to work with a Kubrick movie. I chose Eyes Wide Shut. Before I started, I had no idea who Stanley Kubrick was. After some research I began to like his work, and I still do. I even love the typefaces that were used in his movies... Dr. Strangelove is still one of my favourite ones.

I chose to work on the main characters in the movie. I literally combined the two characters and I did that to refer to the psychological aspect of the movie. Both of them influence each other, maybe unintentionally - but still, they do. They are both different characters but they also melt into one person when you look at their feelings and actions. By combining the two faces, I also wanted to refer to the strong sexual aspect. Becoming one. The blue and grey colours were chosen because they feel very detached and eerie. By adding the red fragile text, I referred to the most difficult and fragile aspect of their relationship: passion.