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As a fair representation of the dawn of modern understanding, Stanley Kubrick forged the evolution of film-making to a new, higher level. His perfectionism is fascinating and breath-taking. Paying attention to even the tiniest detail, he managed to create a perfect audiovisual impression and atmosphere. He also succeeded in giving music a new dimension of existence by reusing the monumental classical pieces composed by Purcell, Rossini, Beethoven etc. Particularly in his film A Clockwork Orange, he associates music with violence and rape on the one hand, but still, combining that classical scent of musical elegance with the act of savagery on the other hand, he makes this masterpiece perfectly balanced. Using his brilliant mind, Kubrick created art on the theater canvas and indisputably became a contemporary icon of the film-making industry.

To me personally, Kubrick himself is the monolith that appears in the 2001. His creations on the screen are always a needle in the eye. I just can't get enough of it. Always innovative, always ingenious, always inspiring. I find all his pieces thrilling to the core of my own creative mind and that is why I decided to redesign the poster for the film A Clockwork Orange as seen through my eyes. Using simple shapes and clear color fields accompanied by stylized details, I created a minimalistic view of his famous main character Alex and his droogs. I simply pointed out a few subtle details which are still strong enough to transfer the message to the recipients, because we are facing a highly recognizable and iconic film.