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Jason Heglund Dr. Strangelove


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This poster was created for a group on Behance that focuses on creating minimal style posters for movies. The theme this poster fit into was Stanley Kubrick. I chose Dr. Strangelove because of its humor and satire and of course because of the title character — Strangelove. The funny thing was the poster you see isn't the original idea I had. When I started working on it, I found out that someone else had already done something similar, so naturally I had to find a new idea. So after looking for quotes and watching parts of the movie I focused on the quote that kinda sums up the movie. To stick with the style of the movie I drew the words by hand and then added an image of the bomb. I wanted to keep things very simple with a bit of wit added, just like the movie. The poster turned out much better than I anticipated and was a lot of fun, which is one of the main reasons for doing these posters.