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Love films, always have and probably always will.

If I wasn't a designer I would most probably be working within the film industry somewhere. A few years back whilst still at university (2008), I started working freelance and as well as creating my own projects, one of these projects was to create posters inspired by my favorite films (this was about a year before it became an over-popular design trend!!!). I started of with my two favorite directors, Hitchcock and Kubrick, arguably two of the most famous, iconic and highly regarded directors in history. I created a set of Hitchcock prints which became very popular and circulated the internet, I then decided to do a couple of prints based on Kubrick Films.

I chose to just do two prints for my two all-time favorite Kubrick Films, A Clockwork Orange and The Shining, both films are based on existing source material and have such a visible stylistic presence to almost iconic status.

That is something I wanted to achieve with my work, an almost pop art feel to the pieces, yet make them more complex and surreal than the Hitchcock prints.