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Victor Eduardo Nariño Moncada A Clockwork Orange


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In 1971, Stanley Kubrick made the film adaption of Anthony Burguess's novel A Clockwork Orange. With his meticulous style, Stanley took the gang style to a new level. I knew the movie many years ago when I started to be interested in cult movies. Since the beginning, I have felt so inspired by all the surrealistic images, disturbing ultraviolence, beautiful and amazing music by Ludwig van Beethoven - and that creepy Alex's smile.

A Clockwork Orange is a kind of muse for me. The poster is made in Photoshop except the Alex bust that was done in traditional way; inspired by the work of Bill Gold (the graphic designer of the original movie poster), the vintage look of the 70's and the minimal art. The original idea was to make a poster of all my favorite movies for my room, but I just finished two, and A Clockwork Orange is my favorite since then; I was so happy with the result that I decided to submit on Internet. Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite directors of all time and A Clockwork Orange is an inspiration for me.