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I think Kubrick is a great teacher when it comes to translating the intimate human being, not only when we speak of Clockwork Orange, but The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Eyes Wide Shut, among others, no matter the topic, if we're talking about war, about love, science fiction, or about one strange and violent future, he always reminds us of what humans are capable, reminds us of our virtues and weaknesses, be it working on films or the conclusions we can draw from them. So his films are so strong and end up being part of our own concepts of life.

I wanted with this short film to translate synthetically my own sensations and feelings about the story of Alex, my idea of what the character has not healed, that the whole process by which it was submitted become the most furtive and dangerous. We're talking about hypocrisy, control masquerading as freedom, psychological violence. This movie and its concepts are so embedded in my life that is already part of my creative process to revisit its concepts when creating something new.