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Caméra film 35 mm

N° Inventaire : AP-19-3310

Collection : La Cinémathèque française

Catégorie d'appareil : Prise de vues cinématographiques

Nom du modèle : Panavision Panaflex PFX LW II pour Panaglide Steadicam

Numéro de fabrication : Ser. N° PFX LW - 104 - II ; mécanisme PG 125 ; magasin M4-126 LW

Lieu de fabrication : Los Angeles, Californie, Etats-Unis

Année de fabrication : 1999

Fiche détaillée

Type de l'appareil

entraînement du film 35 mm (ou Super 35 mm, 3-perf) par deux griffes et contre-griffes ; un débiteur denté ; magasin 120 mètres à compteur de pieds ; obturateur réglable ; compteur électronique détachable


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Panavision Inc.
Los Angeles, California


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Panavision Inc.
Los Angeles, California

Sujet du modèle

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Taille de l'objet

Ouvert :
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Fermé :
Longueur : 51 cm
Largeur : 25.5 cm
Hauteur : 32.5 cm

Diamètre :
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Taille de la boîte de transport

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Marques : "Mfd by and prop of Panavision Los Angeles Calif. U.S.A. Ser. N° PFX LW - 104 - II" ; "Panaflex - LW II" ; "Panavision color".

Caméra spécialement conçue pour le Panaglide, version Panavision du Steadicam.

"The Panaglide stabilizing system floats the camera smoothly, dampening out jolts and vibrations while the Operator walks or runs. Different Panaglide models support the Panaflex, Pan-Arri and Panacam cameras. The Panaflex Panaglide is mated to a specially built, extremely lightweight Panaflex that operates silently for sync-sound photography. It has the essential features of the standard camera and is a true Panaflex electronically. Only items not necessary to floating camera operation have been eliminated. Wherever possible, internal components have been fabricated from extremely lightweight, highly durable materials. The Pan-Arri/Panaglide is even lighter than the Panaflex version by nine pounds. It is ideal for non-sync-sound applications. [...] The video viewing system is reflexed through the lens and the image is displayed on a 3 1/2 video monitor which can be flexibly positioned. [...] The Panaglide version of the Panaflex camera replaces the rotating mirror with a partial mirror (pellicle). The benefit is an uninterrupted, sharper video image. Even in direct sunlight, the monitor will maintain a high brightness picture. The video camera uses a special photoelectric element that optimizes the brightness of the image and balances it against existing ambient light conditions. This element also reduces "blooming" when an especially bright object comes into the frame. The television image can be electronically de-anamorphosed and can be reverse-scanned. [...] Focus and T-stop changes are controlled by a hand control unit cable connected to a gear box mounted on the camera head. [...] A full charged camera battery pack will power the Panaglide system for approximately four 500' magazines. Camera drives for both the Panaflex and Pan-Arri are crystal controlled at 24 fps with manuel override for vairable speed selection. Digital readouts on the electronics unit displays both fps and footage" (Panaglide, Panavision, USA, 1983).


Panaglide, Panavision, USA, 1983.