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Nettoyeuse de film 35 mm

N° Inventaire : AP-94-81

Collection : La Cinémathèque française

Catégorie d'appareil : Matériel de laboratoire et de cabine de projection

Nom du modèle : Williamson Film Cleaner

Numéro de fabrication : n° L. 315

Lieu de fabrication : Londres, Grande-Bretagne

Année de fabrication : 1920

Fiche détaillée

Type de l'appareil

entraînement du film 35 mm par deux débiteurs dentés ; deux rouleaux brosses ; rouleaux guides ; bras débiteur et récepteur réglables


Williamson James


Williamson Kinematograph Company LTD


Williamson James


W. and Sons Butcher
Londres, Camera House, Farringdon Avenue

Williamson Kinematograph Company LTD

Sujet du modèle

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Taille de l'objet

Ouvert :
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Fermé :
Longueur : 91 cm
Largeur : 15 cm
Hauteur : 45 cm

Diamètre :
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Taille de la boîte de transport

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Gravé sur la fonte : "W.K.C°. LTD".

Les bras qui portent les rouleaux nettoyant sont réglables. 80-120 pieds de film peuvent être nettoyés à la minute. Appareil vendu £ 40 en 1922 (sans moteur).

"The Williamson Film Cleaner. Though designed originally for factory use, for removing developing marks and the like from new films, this machine will be found a remarkable time saver, and will give a new lease of life to an old film. A very neat design of automatic damper is fitted, to moisten the back of the film before it passes under the first mop. This consists of a circular wick fitted over a perforated drum, which revolves with the pressure of the film against it. All part are rust-proof, the axle and valve being made of German silver and the remaining parts of brass. Amongst many other advantages are : 1. The brushes can be adjusted to obtain the correct amount of pressure on the film while the machine is running. 2. Any diameter brush up to 8 in. can be used and these are easily fitted. 3. Every bearing on the machine is supplied with a screw-down brass greaser, enabling machine to run continuously. 4. The loose drums on which the face of the film lies are fitted with a detachable velvet band, neatly held in position by a steel slip pin. 5. The rewind is also arranged to take a projector spool if required. 6. 80-120 ft. of film can be cleaned per minute. Price, without motor : £ 40. Spare cleaning and polishing mops, cotton wool, each, £ 7,6, chamois leather, £ 15" (Butcher's Kinematograph Machinery for Studio or Dark-Room, Londres, W. Butcher & Sons Ltd, s.d, [c. 1922], p. 27).


Butcher's Kinematograph Machinery for Studio or Dark-Room, Londres, W. Butcher & Sons Ltd, s.d, [c. 1922], p. 27