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Enregistreur et magasin numérique Digital Field Recording

N° Inventaire : AP-13-2853(1/6)

Collection : La Cinémathèque française

Catégorie d'appareil : Prise de vues numériques

Nom du modèle : S.two F. Dock

Numéro de fabrication : n° 30 - 001015 ; n° 21001046-21001053-21001045 ; n° 21001052-20001006-21001044 ; n° 43001001 ; n° 43003 ; n° 45001003

Lieu de fabrication : Reno, Nevada, Etats-Unis

Année de fabrication : 2008

Fiche détaillée

Type de l'appareil

enregistreur et magasin numérique 4 Gigabit en six parties ; 2 x 4 Gigabit Fibre Channel 580 Mbytes/sec ; connecteurs optiques LC dual type x 2 ; S.two Internal D.Mag FC Receiver


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S.two Corporation
Reno, Nevada, 9645 Gateway Drive


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S.two Corporation
Reno, Nevada, 9645 Gateway Drive

Sujet du modèle

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Taille de l'objet

Ouvert :
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Fermé :
Longueur : 26 cm
Largeur : 41.5 cm
Hauteur : 64 cm

Diamètre :
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Taille de la boîte de transport

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Marques : "S.two Digital Field Recording 9645 Gateway Drive Reno, NV. 8952" ; "D.Mag S.two" ; "Iris Camera TSF".
"S.two F. Dock TM. Direct Connect Fibre Channel. Docking Station for S.two. D.Mag TM digital film magazines. The F. Dock provides easy, fast, direct access to D.MAG magazines for high end post production to immediately ingest DFR recorded digital cinematography into the post environment. S.two D.Mags are the industry leader in digital cinematography acquisition at the higher end of production and support and are used with the major camera systems now in general use such as Arri-D-21, where S.two is the only certified Arri-Raw T-Link provider, Dalsa Origin and Evolution 4K cameras, Sony F23 and F35 HD 444 cameras, Panavision Genesis and Grass Valley Thomson Viper. S.two records all these different cameras, with no compression, to tested, standard DPX files allowing direct use in any professional image application. F. Dock allows faster than real-time ingest to D.I. and color suite SANs for finish or color timing in a traditional post workflow. In this sense it displaces the scanning requirement of film for short form commercial or music videao workflows or high speed, fast turn around episodic television production allowing color correction to be done as the entry to a post project, as is the practice with film acquired projects. Using dual 4GB LC FC connections, the F. Dock provides the interface from the rear of any shot D.Mag's to standard FC connectivity. S.two use the industry standard XFS file system with Raid 0 stripe under Linux control for ease of mount and interfacing. Throughput is up to the maximum saturation of dual 4GB FC meaning that more than twice the speed of real time is possible. Interface : 2 x 4 Gigabit Fibre Channel ; Optical connectors LC dual type x 2 ; S.two Internal D. Mag FC Receiver. Throughput : 580 Mbytes/sec. Physical : S.two D.Mag2 Adapter (D.Mag2 to D.Mag). Dual redundant load sharing power supplies 110-250 v. AC 50/50 Hz. Application Support for F.Dock : Linux 2.6 and above kernel with direct XFS patch. 3rd Party : Assimilate Scratch ; Autodesk Lustre ; DaVinci resolve ; Grass Valley Thomson Bones ; plus others" (publicité S.two F.Dock, Reno, S.two Corp., 2008).