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Caméra film super 16 mm

N° Inventaire : AP-18-3206

Collection : La Cinémathèque française

Catégorie d'appareil : Prise de vues cinématographiques

Nom du modèle : ARRIFLEX 416 PLUS HS

Numéro de fabrication : n° K2476640-3602

Lieu de fabrication : Munich, Allemagne

Année de fabrication : 2008

Fiche détaillée

Type de l'appareil

entraînement du film super 16 mm par une griffe et une contre-griffe ; prise de vues de 1 à 150 images par seconde, vitesse pouvant être variée pendant la prise ; moteur électronique ; miroir obturateur électronique réglable (45, 90, 135, 144, 150, 172,8, 180 degrés ; visée reflex électronique gauche ou droite avec RGB ARRIGLOW ; integrated video-assist IVS ; time-code ARRI ; tableau de commande LCD ; magasin débiteur et récepteur 120 m


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Arnold et Richter Arriflex
Munich, Türkenstrasse 89


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Arnold et Richter Arriflex
Munich, Türkenstrasse 89

Sujet du modèle

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Taille de l'objet

Ouvert :
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Fermé :
Longueur : 41 cm
Largeur : 24 cm
Hauteur : 33 cm

Diamètre :
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Taille de la boîte de transport

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Don de la firme ARRI, Munich, 2017.

La première version de la 416 date d'avril 2006 (présentée au NAB) ; la 416 PLUS HS, permettant d'enregistrer jusqu'à 150 images par seconde, date de 2008 ("HS" signifie high speed).

"The ARRIFLEX 416 was introduced in April 2006 at the NAB trade show to much positive feedback in the press and online. Since then, we have introduced sixteen 416 pre-production cameras into the market. Such a large number of pre-production units not only gives us a lot of feedback, but also puts the camera earlier into the hands of cinematographers, and thus further strengthens the Super 16 format. Final production units will ship in December 2006 "(ARRI News, septembre 2006, p. 12-13).

"In response to market demand, ARRI is introducing a new Super 16 camera, the ARRIFLEX 416. Based on years if camera engineering, market research and focus groups with renowned industry professionals, the ARRIFLEX 416 brings features previously only found in high end 35 mm cameras to Super 16 productions. The ARRIFLEX 416 is a lightweight modern Super 16 film camera with a 35-style viewfinder and an amazingly low sound level similar to that of the ARRICAM. Its speed is variable from 1 to 75 fps, and its mirror shutter can be manually adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees. A completely new lightweight ergonomic design, integrated electronic accessories and compatibility with the same lenses and accessoires used by its 35 mm siblings make the 416 the most powerful, flexible and portable Super 16 camera ever built. The quietest 16 mm Camera, sound less than 20 dbA. Compact & lightweight : 25 % lighter than 16R 3. High quality Video Assist. 35-style Viewfinder, brighter, higher contrast, higher resolution, multi-color RGB ARRIGLOW. (...) The ARRIFLEX 416 viewfinder optics have been re-designed from the ground up, incorporating fever lens elements of higher quality and a shorter optical path. The results are significantly higher contrast, higher resolution and a brighter image. The 416 viewfinder ergonomics are based on the ARRIFLEX 235 viewfinder ; it has the same freedom of movement and features. The 416 viewfinder can be freely rotated, extended or flipped to the other camera side for comfortable viewing in any camera position. Image orientation can be set automatically or manually and medium or long eyepiece extensions can be used with no loss in image quality. (...) In contrast to its predecessor, the 416 accepts large diameter 35 format primes, including the new Master Primes, because its viewfinder is located higher above the lens mount. With the new RGB ARRIGLOW, you can choose any color you like. Set evenly illuminated framelines in magenta when shooting green screen, red for jungle or yellow for blue skies. You can of course also mix your own ARRIGLOw grey. The 416 viewfinder is accompanied by a video assist of the same image quality and features as the highly praised ARRICAM and 435 integrated video assists (IVS). The video assist is closely integrated into the camera body to keep the overall camera size small and slim. It also features some added benefits like color bars, adjustable electronic image enhancement, manual white balance and a ground fault warning. Using the same optical layout already proven in the ARRIFLEX 235, viewfinder and video assist are independent of each other. This makes a switch from handheld to Steadicam very fast and eliminates the need for a 100 % video top.The 416 uses a completely new sound insulation design that makes it as quiet as an ARRICAM. An inner skeleton is suspended by symmetrically positioned rubber insulators in the outer shell. The camera's movement and other parts that create vibrations - and thus unwanted sound - are mounted to the inner skeleton. The insulators prevent any sound from the inner skeleton to radiate to the outer shell. (...) The 416 magazine is powered by brushless silent torque motor. There is no noisy mechanical linkage between camera and magazine. And just like the camera, the magazine consist of an inner skeleton and an outer shell separated by rubber insulators, making it the quietest 16 mm magazine ever built" (ARRI, The Power of 416, München, Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH, 2006).


ARRI News, septembre 2006, p. 12-13.

ARRI, The Power of 416, München, Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH, 2006.

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