A Rule of the Game

Educational credentials and sharing the rules of the game

Rules of the game, where there is nothing to win, nothing to lose. Only the demands of the tutor shared with the teachers and participants. Demands which give the necessary energy and focus that allow us to deal with the pressure of time and the scattering of attentions. It is there that the rules of the game, following the year’s theme, are a remarkable help. They provide a tightly focused way to learn the craft of the film maker. Obviously there are certain fundamental notions and techniques that the children must learn to make their film, but without the prism that the rules of the game provide we probably wouldn’t be even able to make headway on this immense task.

The rules of the game are for everyone, regardless of age, from primary to secondary, the make up of the class, whether full of boys or girls, which may at first seem like an obstacle. Sometimes it happens that what suits the majority of the group really doesn’t suit one class. In order to keep the class motivated, it is necessary to quickly chose to keep the theme like a tool for critical reflection, but to put aside the structured demands proposed by the rules of the game. These rules, which may have been seen as an obstacle, then provide a catalyst to allow each participant to identify and explore their own desires, in this way still serving a vital part in their creative journey.

Nora Kaci
Filmmaker, France


Nora Kaci

Nora Kaci during  « A nous le cinéma ! » meetings in 2017.