Places and Stories

Watching and making: a specific question of cinema which allows the discovery of the different parameters of cinema on every encounter (mise-en-scène, sound, light, acting, editing…), and resources to be explored in an educational context (film clips, film analysis, texts, practical exercises, workshops films). Places and stories under examination: the intimate connection between the characters’ stories and the real places where they take place in cinema, and linked in a more imaginary, symbolic way or to the past of those places.

Rules of the Game

Working on individual and group exercises outlined by a strict set of rules allows us to experiment with and understand the elements at play in this question of cinema. Over to you!

A significant place: Introduce a significant place, specifying what kind of sensation emanate from it, through some still or moving images.

Crossing the threshold: Film the arrival in a place, with the crossing of a threshold.

One place, multiple temporalities: Film a place in a present time, adding another temporality within it (past, future).

Workshops Exercises

Selection of exercises made by groups of young people aged from 6 – 20 in 14 countries throughout the world.

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