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In the UK Cinéma, Cent Ans de Jeunesse has been running since 2009, under the direction of the Education Department at the British Film Institute (BFI). It takes place in three main locations: 

  • In Scotland, under the title ‘Understanding Cinema’, with 30 workshops in 2013/14.
  • In Lincolnshire (a large rural county), with 12 primary schools each year since 2010.
  • And in London, with between 6 and 10 workshop groups since 2009.

Mark Reid, Head of Education at BFI at its base on London’s South Bank, is the co-ordinator of the programme in England, while the Centre for the Moving Image in Edinburgh looks after ‘Understanding Cinema’.Each year up to three workshops (one from London, one from Scotland, and one from Lincolnshire) participate in the ‘core’ CCAJ programme, and link up with the programme in Paris. Up to 50 other workshops (in 2013) participate in a ‘satellite’ programme. The training events in Paris are repeated, in a reduced form, in London, Lincoln, and Edinburgh. At the end of June there are screening events for participating children, in London and Edinburgh. Most of the UK workshops take place after school, with a small number (maybe three or four) taking place within a specialised course of film study (through the International Baccalaureat Film module, for example). The workshops are run by teachers in the main, and where we can, we encourage film-making professionals to co-run the workshops. We are lucky in that a number of workshop leaders are talented and experienced teachers who have also been professional film-makers.

We are perhaps most proud of the involvement of the HCCT Community film group in London’s Kings Cross: a group of men who have had mental and social problems but who follow the programme as an artistic project.

We have a ‘prototype App’, for use only within the English workshops. Foundation has been a generous supporter of the London workshops since 2009 (around 6000 Euros a year). The municipal authority of Tower Hamlets, in east London, gives 4000 Euros a year for an east London workshop. Schools in Lincolnshire pay a consultant leader, Christine Whitney, for their training. And in Scotland, Understanding Cinema was greatlu funded since 2013 by the Creative Futures Fund.

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Centre for the Moving Image (CMI) is an organization that includes the Filmhouse cinema, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Filmhouse cinema Belmont in Aberdeen. CMI works in Scotland and the UK to offer varied activities designed to stimulate interest and knowledge of film and the moving image to a wide audience, including young audiences through numerous organized educational activities throughout the year. 

Nicola Kettlewood, Head of Education & Learning, is the coordinator of Cinema, Cent ans de Jeunesse which we have participated in since 2012. Among our many educational activities:

  • Young Audiences programming.
  • Schools screenings, study days and in depth programmes including Understanding Cinema.
  • Workshops and discussions with teachers on some school programming.

We are actively working with multiple partners:

  • Nursery, primary, secondary and university.
  • National agencies such as Into Film, British Film Institute and Creative Scotland.
  • Independent Cinemas.
  • Local cultural organizations and other festivals (i.e. French Film Festival).
  • Partners abroad (i.e. French Cinematheque to CCAJ; A Bao Quo for Moving Cinema).

We do not produce our educational resources but distribute the resources of our partners.

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