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The Jean Renoir is an independent cinema created and principally funded by la Ville de Martigues (Bouches du Rhône). Its programming is predominantly of an art house and research based nature. Great art films fit naturally in to its programming as well as more unique films that would normally find their home in more research based cinemas. The cinema has three principal areas of interest: Young audiences; Cinematic legacy; Research and discovery.

Screenings of films from countries other than France are shown in their original language, with the addition of French subtitles. Cinema Jean Renoir is a member of Cinémas du Sud, a regional association of cinemas and the National Association of Research Cinemas, a national organisation. It is the regional coordinator of the Ecole & Cinéma initiative.

The Jean Renoir takes part in three different cinema education initiatives: Ecole et Cinéma, Collège au Cinéma et Lycéens et Apprentis au Cinema. Each year they train teachers who teach Cinema and audio-visual skills for l’Académie d’Aix Marseille. As part of their education and outreach work the Jean Renoir carries out artistic workshops in schools and in an extracurricular context. The cinema has been a partner organisation of Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse, from la Cinémathèque Française since 1995. / Facebook