ALCA - Agence livre cinéma audiovisuel



ALCA Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the regional council’s cultural arts agency, offers support to professionals in the publishing, film and audiovisual sectors. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional council is committed to developing these industry sectors with its institutional partners. ALCA Nouvelle-Aquitaine provides a wide-range of support services for the film ans audiovisual industry in Nouvelle-Aquitaine : providing free information ans assistance for film directors ans producers, film shoots ans film exhibitors, promotion and distribution of films having received regional funding, participation in festivals, and organises professional networking events. The film education entre, reflecting the mission of ALCA itself, works to promote understanding and enjoyment of film across a wide range of audiences.

Taking into account the evolving uses and cultural practices of the public, particularly of the young, ALCA coordinates artistic and image-related educational programmes in a dual requirement of both territorial meshing and diversity of these publics: « Lycéens et apprentis au cinéma », « Passeurs d’images », « Des cinés, la vie ! » et « le Forum du Regard ». Its vocation is to forge the vision of the world, through artistic expression and meeting book and the cinema creators.

 ALCA bases its work on the elaboration of projects strongly involving the public, mediation professionals and artists in a shared process of creation. The public targeted by these projects are the young, in and out of school time, priority members of the public and the students.

It also concerns working towards a better understanding of the book and cinema trades chain, supporting the local actors and accompanying identified and ambitious cultural proposals.