"How was the cinema invented? What were the first movies like? How did we go from "magic lantern to Hollywood?"

We will discover the answers to these questions together through the observation of wonderful optical instruments with strange names, outstanding costumes, film posters and unique set decoration drawings, as well as many movie extracts. Among these numerous artifacts you will be able to see the expressionist sketches of the Cabinet du Docteur Caligari, the famous robot from Metropolis, the cape Melies wore in Trip to the Moon, or even the clockwork mechanism of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times machine.

Come along to explore the history and the prehistory of cinema. To follow this audio tour just go to the cinémathèque or in the downloads section of the Cinémathèque website at www.cinematheque.fr

We are waiting for you for this wonderful exploration of cinema...See you soon!

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« A magical atmosphere »

Wall Street Journal

« A walk through the history of movies »
The New York Times

« The museum’s permanent collection
is a dreamy and enchanting place »
France Today