Our flagship exhibition in 2011 is devoted to Stanley Kubrick

It is the first time that La Cinémathèque française hosts a travelling exhibition not initiated by our teams but by those of another institution. This Kubrick exhibition owes its existence to the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt and to Hans-Peter Reichmann, its Curator, who designed it in 2004 in close collaboration with Christiane Kubrick, Jan Harlan and The Stanley Kubrick Archive in London.

Since 2004, the exhibition has opened with success in several cities: Berlin, Zurich, Gand, Rome and Melbourne, before coming to the Cinémathèque.

The archives of Stanley Kubrick contain numerous and precious working documents: scenarios, correspondences, research documents, photos of film shoots, costumes and accessories. The exhibition, film after film, includes the unfinished projects: the Napoleon that Kubrick hoped to direct and his project for a film on the death camps, Aryan Papers. These materials allow us to get backstage and better understand the narrative and technical intentions of the director who was a demigod of world cinema, a secret and fascinating figure. The exhibition will be installed on two floors of the Frank Gehry building, on the 5th and 7th storeys, owing to the bulk of the materials exhibited, including large-scale models and interactive digital installations.

The exhibition

The exhibition will allow us to get backstage and better understand the narrative and technical intentions of the director who was a demigod of world cinema, a secret and fascinating figure.

The retrospectives

The exhibition will be  accompanied by a retrospective of all Kubrick’s films and a retrospective "Around Kubrick".

Kubrick on the web

On-line exhibition, the best of web creation on Kubrick, a contest in partnership with Dailymotion : Stanley Kubrick is the star of www.cinematheque.fr


Official catalogue of the exhibition, special issues of magazines, reeditions, books...

Education & ressources

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Warner Bros. : the Kubrick year

With the release of a gift set of 19 dvds Ultimate Edition and a national retrospective in cinemas frome 1st june, this year is the Kubrick year.

Une exposition du
Deutsches Filmmuseum,
Frankfurt am Main et de Christiane Kubrick
The Stanley Kubrick Archive at the University of the Arts London


Réalisée avec l'aimable collaboration de
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.,
Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.,
Metro Goldwin Mayer Studios Inc,
SK Films Archives LLC.

Grâce au mécénat de Warner Bros. et Canal+


et des grands mécènes de la Cinémathèque française, Neuflize OBC et Groupama


Avec le soutien du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, du CNC et de la Région Ile-de-France

En partenariat avec Kodak, la Fnac et le Comité régional du tourisme Paris Ile-de-France

En partenariat média avec :

Stanley Kubrick the exhibition

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23 March – 31 July 2011

10:00 am - 8:00 pm (closed on Tuesdays)

Special Night on the 22nd of July till 1:00 a.m.


- Full rate €10
- Concession : €8
- Under 18s : €5
- Holders of Atout Prix or CinÉtudiant card : €7
- Libre Pass : free

Combined ticket + film or exhibition + museum : €12

Audio guides available in 3 languages

- French with the voice of Marisa Berenson
- English with the voice of Malcolm McDowell
- German
Available on the spot for €3 and on Itunes for €1.99.

Guided visit

every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 : €11

Conférence de présentation

Retrouvez les photos de la conférence de présentation de l'exposition, en présence notamment de Christiane Kubrick et Jan Harlan.

> Le diaporama

Special issues

Trois Couleurs -
Eyes Wide Open

Available from 2 March on newsstands and in  bookshops.

Guide to the exhibition.
The magazine goes back over the life and career of the American film director with a biography and an exhaustive filmography, as well as an analysis of the key motifs of his work (breakdown of order, split personality, derailments). This overview will be completed by a panorama of his principal heirs (from Steven Spielberg to James Cameron), articles on his visionary use of techniques, sound and faces, a report made in London in his Childwickbury manor house, and interviews with his entourage (...).

Special issue Kubrick -
Les Inrockuptibles

Available on 21 March 2011 on newsstands. Accompanied by the classic Lolita in DVD.

A collection of the key articles published on the film director by the journal over the years, notably when he died in 1999, this special issue will also offer the opportunity to take a fresh look at the complete filmography of the master through new
articles on each of his films. It will offer a review of his influence on the new generations of outstanding directors (from David Lynch to Christopher Nolan, including the Coen Brothers and Gaspar Noé), contemporary video and graphic artists who prolong his taste for cinematographic experimentation and his visionary approach to image and story.