Funders and Supporters

 Agencies which fund Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse.


Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME)

The Environment & Energy Management Agency is involved in the implementation of public policies in the areas of environment, energy and sustainable development. To enable groups to progress in their environmental approach, the agency provides its expertise and advisory capabilities to businesses, local communities, government and the general public. It also helps to finance projects from research to implementation operating in the following areas: waste management, soil conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy, air quality and the fight against noise pollution. ADEME is a public agency under the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea and the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. ADEME has sponsored the CCAJ’s workshops in 2015-2016, on the theme of the year: The Weather.
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 Fondation EDF

With nearly 30 years of commitment, the EDF Foundation has made solidarity a principal priority amongst its actions.
It focuses on three areas: in France, social inclusion and autonomy; at an international level, humanitarian intervention. It aims to support positive initiatives from civil society, to leverage new features accompanying project leaders.
In France, the EDF Foundation aims to promote a model of society in which everyone, no matter who they are, regardless of their circumstances, situation or context, can find their place. Specifically, participating in the fight against exclusion; also promoting social inclusion of young people and education; facilitating employability; promoting equality, diversity and engaging in the fight against all forms of discrimination; to raise environmental awareness and education; to increase access to culture for all.
The EDF Foundation is pleased to support La Cinémathèque française to help the creation of a website dedicated to Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse project. This educational site brings together twenty years of educational experience. It provides tracks and content for teachers, professionals, school stakeholders and recreation centers. It also includes a participatory dimension which makes it a powerful tool for the development of cinema education throughout France and abroad.
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Ariane Mercatello
Director of communication
01 40 42 57 44




Intérim & Placement

The IP Group specializes in the training and development of personnel dedicated to the maintenance of industrial structures.
We are very pleased to be able to extend our support to Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse and thereby participating in this beautiful art education project. We are especially committed to the elements of curiosity aroused by the discovery of other cultures and countries. In early June, we shared in a lot of fun, encountering the enthusiasm of the young participants in Paris.
Arts education clearly represents a tremendous personal development opportunity for each young person involved and, beyond economic imperatives, this falls firmly in with the aims and ambition of the INTERIM & PLACEMENT Group.
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Jean-Philippe Bourdon
06 74 46 36 74

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