Filmmakers Perspectives

      2018  Places

« Places ans stories »

In June 2018, school children from across the world met at the Cinémathèque to share a moment of magic with Agnès Varda, Nobuhiro Suwa and Guillaume Brac, godmother and godfathers of the Meeting « A nous le cinéma ! », investigating the places that inspire us to tell cinematic stories.

Interview with Nobuhiro Suwa

Interview with Guillaume Brac

Debate with Nobuhiro Suwa

Meeting with Agnès Varda

      2017  Play

« Playing, in cinema »

"Why is playing so important in your films ?". This is one of the questions children and teenagers of the CCAJ workshops have asked to Noémie Lvovsky and Thomas Salvador, the two “godfather” filmmakers who were invited to the International meeting of CCAJ, in June 2017.

Meeting with Noémie Lvovsky Meeting with Thomas Salvador


      2016  Climate
  • Franco Lolli, Alain Bergala et Mathieu Amalric - 1
  • Franco Lolli, Alain Bergala et Mathieu Amalric - 2
  • Franco Lolli, Alain Bergala et Mathieu Amalric - 3
  • Gilles Elie-dit-Cosaque, Thomas Salvador et Alain Bergala
  • Nicolas Philibert, Alain Bergala et Nobuhiro Suwa - 1
  • Thomas Salvador
  • Nicolas Philibert, Alain Bergala et Nobuhiro Suwa - 2

« Drifting Clouds, The children of the world film the climate »

During the year 2015-2016, 1000 children and teenagers have filmed, in 12 countries throughout the world, what the weather is like where they live, in their region, in their country, and the climate around them. This project of Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse has been accredited by the COP 21.
Filmmakers godfathers of the project filmed shots on this theme, too : Mathieu Amalric, Gilles Elie-dit-Cosaque, Franco Lolli, Nicolas Philibert, Juliana Rojas, Thomas Salvador, Nobuhiro Suwa. Their shots have been shown at La Cinémathèque française during the International Meeting of Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse « A nous le cinéma ! » in June 2016, with young people from all the world. Crossed screenings and exchanges animated by Alain Bergala, translated by Massoumeh Lahidji.

  • Testimonials
  The shots of the filmmakers godfathers of the project on the question of climate.